Matt Pupa

I help coaches maximize their coaching ability


I'm Matt 👋
I help coaches maximize their coaching ability.
My journey began in 2017 when I started coaching at the Crossfit gym I went to. I loved everything about it. My favorite part was thinking how to provide the best possible experience for our members. I was always thinking about communication, getting the most out of the gym environment, and more. I trained under coaches who had 30+ years of combined coaching experience. Learning from them made me realize there's A LOT that goes into coaching at an elite level.

My time there inspired me to expand my coaching abilities in different areas. Since 2017, I've...

  • Been a CrossFit coach

  • Developed programming for clients

  • Facilitated online workshops

  • Consulted for in-person workshops

Something changed after I started coaching.Whenever I took part in a program as a customer, I couldn't help but notice ways to improve the experience. The more programs I participated in, the more I saw an opportunity to help coaches get better at what they do.That's what I'm focused on now.I'm currently working to develop a specific offer for coaches. To help that process, I'm looking to exchange free work for insights and testimonials from coaches. Interested in working with me? Reach out via email or WhatsApp below 👇